Quiltish Mother's Day Gifts

Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the leading up to Mum's Day I'm featuring a few Quiltish items daily that celebrate moms- from practical & simple to pampered & stylish.

For the Bold Mama: Reversible Pleated Shoulder Bag- in Chocolate Grasshopper

This new bag is a little bit splashy & a little bit classy with two bold designer prints. Perfect for mums who've got a lot to tote around but prefer to schlep in style. Plus, it's designed to be completely reversible- a bonus for mothers as we often dress quickly- one quick flip and this bag goes from gorgeous green to chocolaty green. Matching zipper pouches really finish it all off.

Oh How Lovely- New Quiltish Lavender Sachets

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've got a love for hand embroidery. Mix that with my slight perfectionist streak & out comes these lovely little lavender sachets. Loosely following flower designs, I hand embroidered a variety of flowers onto muslin...which sat patiently for way too long until I thought of an end result for them. One day, I envisioned myself outside on the prairie with my linens fluttering in the wind hanging from the line, floral skirt swishing about me, with Jack & his future siblings running this way & that, off to feed the horses...With this so-far-from-my reality dream in mind, I turned the embroidery pieces into lavender sachets- bringing a bit of this homespun feeling to life.

Lucky me, I found an amazingly gorgeous lavender farm only 20 minutes from our home. Lavender at Stonegate, run by Sarah , supplied me with gorgeous dried lavender buds (along with a short lesson on species & variety). Additionally, she showed Jack her chicken roost and he was able to pet & feed the friendly birds.....and said "chicken" one of his very first words on the way home! (sounded more like "glch-in" but I knew what he meant!)

These sachets make the perfect mother's day gift I think and are just in time to celebrate spring!

Spring Cleaning- Opening New Destash Shop

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm happy to say that I'm clearing out the clutter (at least in my mind anyway) by opening up a second Etsy shop to sell my leftover, extra, and 'tired of lookin' at ya' supplies! QuiltishDestash opened last month and offers bits of trim, ribbon, buttons, and lots & lots of fabric. We all know that every little piece of sumthin' can be turned into another little piece of sumthin' gorgeous....
Here's a few of the bargains: