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Monday, January 02, 2012


Reevaluate. Go over.Polish. Rearrange. Reassess. Reexamine. Review. Revise. Take another look. Replan.

It’s time to do all this.

Even if things are going just swimmingly. You’ve seen some success, you’ve got momentum, you’re just plain feeling good about business. That’s awesome.

But you still need to rethink things.


Because even in the midst of awesomeness, we can miss opportunities, ignore calls to creativity, and head down the wrong path.

{I know. I’ve done it.}

Last month on The Academy Blog I talked a bit about moving ahead without the blinders- taking a long hard look at your business. With the start of the new year, it’s a perfect time to reevaluate everything.

A few things to rethink:

Your Products.  They might be selling really well. In fact, they might be selling like hotcakes. But let me ask you a few things: Are you making what you love? Have you found your niche? Are your products focused?  Considering these points can help guide your product development in new, more meaningful directions.

Your Focus. What’s your point? Your end-goal. Are you focused on just selling...or the process of making, building, and growing? Sharpen your aim to include bigger things.

Your Time. For small businesses, efficiency is a major currency. We tend to get stuck doing the same thing, the same way. Try flipping things around, doing something different, taking a new approach.

Your Prices.  Think you got it all figured out? Hmmm. Well, pricing is an ongoing process and a topic discussed at length {take a peek at my post on Worth} but you’ve got to consistently reevaluate what’s written on your price tags. Ask yourself these things: Are my prices sustainable for growth? Am I making a profit or just selling things? Do my prices convey my worth?

Let’s start of the new year with a perceptive mindset and keen awareness to our business. Toss things up, flip it around, and let it fly!

What will you be rethinking in the new year?

{image courtesy one of my favorite artists: blancucha}