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Wide Open Spaces

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well, here it goes. My first blog entry. This page has been sitting here for awhile, nice & open...and blank. Just waiting for me to come along.

So here I am. Though I'm hesitant about most technology- I don't like to feel hooked or trapped or sucked into anything- writing down my thoughts seems kind of refreshing right now. My life has changed dramatically in the last year and it seems important to record that somewhere.

Over a year ago I found out my husband & I were having a baby.

A year ago, I said goodbye to the classroom which I loved, the very same one I still think of as my own, parted with my amazing students, and left the teaching profession behind- at least for now.

Soon after, I drove cross country with our cat from Boston to Portland while my husband settled down the homestead back in my home state of Oregon.

Just about 6 months ago, on January 1st, my life really began. Little Jack was born and the world got a whole lot brighter.

A few months later, I was itchin' to sew again & rekindled the flame of my fledgling handbag business, Quiltish, and opened a shop on Etsy.

And now, here I am. With a baby, a bunch of bibs, blankets, bags, and a blog.

Through this blog I hope to capture these moments, these changes, this direction my life has taken. From a teacher to a mama. From small fry to small business. From husband and wife to family. From the past to now, to the wide open spaces.