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Brand New Bag

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sweet dreams of diaper bags. . . .
Since I create my own patterns, I often dream about new designs- colors, combinations, new techniques, shapes, and uses. Many times I wake up & sketch out my ideas right away, other times, I wake up early- hoping to beat baby Jack from his 6:30 wake up time to get started. In the case of this diaper bag, it came to me during the night, and while it's not a particularly earth-shattering design, my mind worked out new ways to make the outside pockets- thick, sturdy, with a little twist at the top. Somehow, my brain must've recalled all those moments of frantically searching for Jack's pacifier- because I woke up knowing I needed to add a binky clip. In the end, a simple, practical, versatile, and pretty darn cute diaper bag emerged.

Since the beginning of quiltish, folks have been urging me to create a diaper bag. I've always been a little reluctant to make one because, well...diaper bags can be so....lame.

And then baby Jack came along. All of the toting...the schlepping, the carrying, the cramming...all into a boring, very mom-ish, not very allisa-ish black diaper bag.

So, I designed a bag & coordinating changing mat that is fun toting to mama & baby pilates classes, pulling out at play groups, stuffing toys for the park, hooking onto the stroller....and most importantly, can be carried proudly- even without any baby gear.

Still, I have another design swirling in mind. If only he let me sleep just a little bit more...