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You Can Pick 'Em

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh my precious Jack. He brings such color & happiness to my life. When I was pregnant I slowly put Quiltish off to the side, thinking I'd only have time or energy or desire to hem pants, attach buttons, and construct the yearly halloween costume. I had no idea that experiencing the world with Jack would make me see colors & designs in a whole new way. Somehow now I am even more inspired, I have more ideas & concepts swirling about than I ever did before... and the strange thing is- is that it's all more exciting- without all the pressure of the classroom & the standards I placed on myself before.

It's like Jack has this completely unbridled thirst for life & everything new. Though he tends to get bored of any one toy or place or book or...even some people...he absolutely loves being outdoors & seems to just absorb it all. I love how he can find the tiniest little detail, the smallest speck & become so enamored with it. I know there is a huge metaphor there- something I undoubtedly need to learn from.

Just this weekend, we were lucky enough to have bright & sunny autumn days here in Oregon and to make the most of it we went to the river to feed the ducks and then out to the pumpkin patch the next day. Watching his eyes dance at the mere sight of the ducks or pluck away contentedly at a dirty pumpkin......it's all put in perspective.


Jen said...

How stinkin' cute is he!!! Can't wait to see him (and you and Mark) in a couple months :)

PS- Tell Mark thanks for hooking me up with the feed on my blog.

markjacobs said...