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Hello Goodbye - Fabric Destash

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

{{UPDATE}} I now sell my new destash fabric & right-off-the-bolt designer fabric at www.quiltishdestash.etsy.com check it out!

So, after awhile I start to fall out of love with things. My Aveda shampoo, my new jeans, and yes, some of my fabric. Though fabric is probably my one obsession, my one bad habit...besides lattes, sometimes it's time to part ways. I have been collecting fabric for years & have them neatly folded in piles- "can't wait to make something with this," pile "I love it so much I can't even bear to bring scissors close by" stack, and the "well, I'll hang onto it because someday, I just may need it for some gift, for some project, for someone" bundles. It's time to let go, they are just weighing me down! I'm sure someone else will fall in love & give them a new home. Here's a few of my bundles:

1 comment :

live a colorful life said...

I sure can identify with needing to let go of some fabric. All the stuff I absolutely HAD to have, and then the project got pushed further and further down the list as new "must haves" made it to my collection. Even though I'm happy sending it on to a better place, it's still kinda of hard to actually let go.
P.S. I'm really happy I discovered your blog. I think it was the name "quiltish" that did it for me.