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Put A Little Holiday in Your Heart

Monday, December 01, 2008

Oh how I wish I could really go all out decorating for Christmas. I seem to be finding some cool things everywhere I look. This week I'm determined to start (and finish) Jack's stocking...Here are some Christmas goodies I have completed so far though....Now off to watch Elf & Christmas vacation for the millionth time along with my peppermint cocoa.....


markjacobs said...

i knew you were just watching movies

Shalyse said...

Allisa! How the heck are ya girl? I haven't seen you in years. I found you from Jen's blog.

I love your cute blog...and wow-you are talented! I love all of your darling crafts.

Hope things are going well for you!!

Merry Christmas! :-)

p.s. how come I am recalling me, you, kristi, and possibly jen jammed into your ford (isn't that what you had) crashing "senior skip day" at the beach? am I correct on that one? :-) FUN TIMES!!!