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Just a Few Things I've Whipped Up...New Baby Goodness

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sometimes I look at my shop & my items & think, did I really make all this? Really? It's a mixture of pride & shock. Mostly shock. When I look at my schedule I realize that we've really got some organized chaos here...it's kind of a finely tuned crazy machine that allows me to work from home. But it's all worth it to me. In fact I feel really lucky- I'm able to share some of my creativity, profit from my interest, & best of all- wacth Jack grow. I'm around to hear him say 'tractor'- over & over (broadly applied to anything with wheels) or watch him hold our new rescued kitty with unbridled amazement, or see him smoosh up a piece of tofu so craftily & intently... and then offer it to me with pure sincerity & love.

Sometimes running Quiltish means early mornings. Or it means fewer relaxing evenings. It often means stitching during televised basketball games. It can mean missing out on a few things here & there. But one thing's for sure, it doesn't mean missing out on Jack.

So here are some summery sweet baby items I've stitched up with the new fabric prints- available in my shop, on their way, or destined for their new home at Grasshopper! stitch, stitch, stitch.....


Karen said...

These bibs are adorable! I love the red and white ones! You have a very nice blog!

illi said...

lovely! Thank you for sharing!

live a colorful life said...

All so cute.