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Update on Stolen Quiltish Photos

Monday, May 11, 2009

I appreciate those of you who showed support for my recent experience with another Etsy member committing copyright infringement by stealing my photos (read here). I'm glad to report that as of Friday afternoon AbbeyLane had taken down all but one of my photos-this was after much persistence, emailing & promises of further action.

Desperately, AbbeyLane tried suggesting that she was able to, miraculously, recreate each of the mentioned photos with her fancy shmancy camera...the cut of the fabric, her 'studio,' the shadows, the position, everything....silly of me to not understand this. Seriously.

The one photo she had neglected to take down? One of my earlier (read: not-so-great) photographs of a baby lovie blanket. The kicker- the photo included a small, but very noticeable, piece of fuzz....the very same piece of fuzz could be seen on the very same dot on the very same blanket edge of each listing....When I pointed this out to her she immediately removed the photo.

So what's missing now? Acknowledgment. Sincerity. An apology.

This is the part that has really gotten under my skin. The fact that a fellow mother/small business owner/Etsyian/human being would so brazenly steal my photographs, deny & respond with arrogance & fluff, and then offer no sort of apology- even when confronted with mounds of evidence. I'd like to think we're all in this together- but clearly, we're not.

Since she has finally, reluctantly taken down the listings it is not possible to see her thievery. However, thanks to my husband's brilliant screen shots, her crimes are archived in history. I've included a few screenshots of her using my photos in her shop along with the link to the actual item in my store.
Actual Quiltish Baby Gift Set (before label is edited away)

Actual Quiltish Washies Set

Actual Quiltish Baby Bib

Actual Quiltish Baby Lovie Blanket

Drumroll Please.....she had actually listed me as one of her favorite shops! In fact looks like I'm first on her list. Others...watch your photos.


~Michelle~ said...

That's crazy business! Glad you at least got her to take the photos down. Are you going to watermark your photos now?

live a colorful life said...

This is still totally mind-boggling to me! Really. Unbelievable! And arrogant. And not nice!

cabin + cub said...

Wow.. I have never heard of that happening... that is quite unbelievable! I am glad they were all taken down and it has been resolved.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that a) she can't be bothered taking her own photos, and b) that she thought she would get away with stealing someone else's.

Personally, I think you were way too nice to her. You should have hit her hard with a legal letter. I hope Etsy were helpful to you.

Well done to you and condolences it happened to you!