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Ahhh, Vacation (ish)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vacations have been virtually non-existent since Jack-bear came along...but earlier this month our little family finally snuck away to one of my favorite parts of the earth- central oregon. I'd give just about anything to live there- I've got it all in my mind, the porch, the pasture, the lemonade sitting on the picnic table, the crick running behind the house...just got to convince the hubby they need a marketing guru out there ;)
Anyhow, this quick trip sure made Jack smile & revived me a bit...at least enough to prepare for our move at the end of this month, eek. But it also gave me lots of inspiration for new sewing projects and I'm determined to make a lot more things for our home...I was starting to feel like a machine cranking orders out for my Etsy shop... Here's my running list: a wallet for Jack, bunting for his room, fabric bins, placemats, pillows, a wall organizer for my office...... Plus, so much brewing for Quiltish- new snap pouches, market bags, quilts, ah- just. need. more. time.

Our trip photos (in no order) me and a Civil War era quilt, Mark & Jack with an old school fire truck, Jack's first parade & rodeo, Jack & I with a big squeeze in the high desert, a barb wire horse statue, our cabin.