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Breakin the Bank - My Recent Etsy Purchases

Monday, July 06, 2009

I'm waist high in boxes with my toddler running circles around me...but I still found a little time to spend some cash! I was so in love with my recent Etsy purchases I thought I'd share them...they each made the perfect gift and next time I'm buying something to keep ;)

Kitty Beeswax candles from KittyBabyLove (this is the shop I go to if I need a quick little smile) I purchased the crayons for Jack back in the Spring & just recently the Beeswax candles made a lovely thank-you gift to our neighbor who watched our kitties. I practically try to come up with excuses to buy from this shop- I love it!

Tulip NoteCards from VivaLaViolette - There's just something about handwritten notecards...emails are great & all but I'm a traditional gal who believes in sending sentiments the old fashioned way...these notecards are perfect for that & still very bright & sweet. I've sent them to our family friend (who loves tulips) who chased Jack around a bit for me while I loaded up boxes. VivaLaViolette has tons of other designs too...I'll be returning for sure!

BBQ Spice Kit from PurposeDesign- Hello, this was the perfect gift for my dad! The little tins include what seems to me a magical mix of spices that smelled so yummy I figured anybody could cook with them :) They were a hit! I look forward to buying more gifts from this shop.

p.s All pictures used with permission from the shops...though don't ask me why they are all so teensy!


Audrey said...

It's so much fun buying things you love! The candles are great!
Lately I've been buying B&B items on Etsy. Usually try and post about them too, when they come in the mail.

ThreadBeaur said...

Those little kitties are really cute! I like the colorful crayons.
Great finds.