Newness- Pouches and Kitty

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Friday! We have a little song we like to sing here at the end of the week, though it's more of a dorky sort of dance. We sing, well, more accurately, I sing, "Friday, Friday" (pronounced Fry- dahy, Fry- dahy) the important bit is to wiggle the hips & bum. Anyhow, it's Friday & summer is back here in Portland. Having a bit of a rest from sewing.... my shop is taking some new turns. Phasing out a few of the baby items & expanding more on my zipper pouches & adding some wristlets & clutches. Change is good. Change is hard. One thing that has perked me up a bit are these sweet little wooden kitties I received from urastarhouse - an absolutely amazing & clever shop, one in which I'll be turning to for the holidays. These were sort of a birthday gift to myself- since I love all things mama/baby and can never turn away a kitty.

Here they are displayed with my new zip pouch featuring Jessica Jones' Modern Flora fabric. (I HEART orange & blue combos!) Meow.

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missbmckay said...

Way Cute! I love the fabric on the pouch! Those kitties are darling as well.