5 Minutes Can Be A Very Long Time....

Friday, October 09, 2009

I love lists. So neat, clear, & to the point. On our little outing this morning I thought of all the amazing things I can do with 5 minutes. Because sometimes it feels like that's all I have. Lately, I've been focused on not so much saving time, but enjoying each minute a bit more & taking advantage of each little chunk of time...no matter how short it is.....

So here's a few things I enjoy with my five minutes's:
  • dance around the living room with jack
  • write a quick hello to an old friend
  • bust out 30 push-ups, 30 lunges, & 50 sit-ups
  • toast a piece of bread, lather on cream cheese & jam, & eat! (renders the previous 5 mins pointless...)
  • say howdy ho to the neighbors
  • color a masterpiece with jack
  • get ready for the day: deodorant, lotion, some make-up. no joke.
  • pray.
  • ask & listen to the events in my hubby's day
  • stop & take a photo
  • speed fold a batch of laundered towels
  • pluck my eyebrows. ish.
  • find one inspiring Etsy shop, blog, or craft site
  • draw a picture. try.
  • write out a list :)
  • give our kitty a little squeeze
  • search for lovelies outside; acorns, pinecones, flowers, clovers, or rocks for jack
  • dream a little dream
{{Here's our morning so far:}}

Jack in his jim jams discovering that toilet paper rolls really can be the best toy

Cozy mozy for our morning walk, of course a sports related object or a truck of some sort must accompany us at all times. And hey! Look! that's the blanket my mom made me when I was a baby :)

I love blue & orange no matter where I spot it!
Gazing down the road on our way home. Lovely isn't it?!

Someday we'll have our own white fence. Until then, I'll admire this one.

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Always Inspire said...

What a lovely post....love the photos (I absolutely LOVE fall!)