Finding Happiness - Bird Sampler

Sunday, October 04, 2009

"Make the most with what you've got wherever you are."

I heard this quote somewhere, not sure from who or where but I love it. I probably mixed it up a bit but the sentiment is there...and it's one I need to remember. I'm considering posting this all around the house so I don't forget it.

It's easy to just keep looking for happiness...whether it's a Starbucks latte or a new house move...but for me, it's harder to find contentment here & now. If I really start to think about it, I know my mom instilled this value in us- considering we moved around a lot & she encouraged us to make our own little mark on the house. Somehow, somewhere (chicago maybe? houston? san jose? boston? here in oregon? - yes, these places have all been home at one time...) I've lost bits of this lesson.....and I want it back.

Of course, Little Man Jack brings me boundless amounts of joy....but I know that I need to be able to find my own happiness, so that I'm not living from what he gives me, but able to share what I've got with him.

Hmm. Ok, well. that's not quite where I thought this post was going! whew. Guess those feelings have been waiting to get out! I had just planned on sharing this lovely bird print, called "Bird Sampler" from OliveDear. It makes me smile. And reminds me of a quilt....I can really see this inspiring a textile piece! So right now, this is what I've got :)

Oh yeah! thanks to those who've entered my giveaway- there's still time to enter or even add another entry!

{{Image credit: OliveDear }}

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Sallie Ann said...

I love these little birds. I could do an entire nursery or child's room from this. Really great. Friends are forever asking me to design a nursery that is beyond "baby," and will go with a more modern home. This would be perfect.