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Saturday, November 21, 2009

{{{Today is my big Open House event in which I've invited friends & fam & neighbors to browse my handiwork & shop for holiday gifts.
I am so excited I could hardly sleep- because, of course, there is so much to do! I want to share how my day unfolds & I thought of the clever post rikrak did awhile back & I just have to borrow her idea! I'll be posting photos hour by hour showing how it's all (hopefully) coming together! }}} Stay tuned.......

8:37 pm. Whew - I did it. I made it! Things came together right in the nick of time (thanks to my hubby & friend, Katelyn!) Obviously there was a big time warp between now & the afternoon but in that period was a really fun, happy & exciting event! (minus the 90 minutes pre party of stress) I am so thankful to everyone who came & made this night a success! As usual, I wish I had taken more photos, but I guess being too busy with friends is a good thing.

I think I'll take a few days to rest (and send out those orders) but will reporting back soon with tips so others can have a successful Open House as well....it's so worth it!

2:16 pm - Full On Panic - Yikes! I'm worried it's not going to be ready.....in time. 1.5 hours & I haven't even showered.......eeeeeeeeks!

1:15pm - One Table Completed
- Yeah, just one. need to get a little hustle in my bustle over here!

12:03 pm - Pricing, Preparing, Panicking - adding all my tags & prices. wondering why i didn't do this last while watching project runway finale? Meanwhile, Jack & Mark wrestle around upstairs....

11:00 am - Bird Tree - I made these lovely little felt birdies yesterday & made an ornament tree from branches Jack (& the hubs!) gathered....there are more birdies & it's so much more charming in person!

10:00 am - Starbucks stop - Ok so the morning cup didn't really do it for me. Plus I call these my "treats," and on days like this, well I just need a treat! Saw their interesting punched felt Christmas decor- looks like Starbucks follows Etsy & design blogs......

8: 34 am - Haircut - Need a trim plus, who wants to look at handsewn lovelies from someone with straight stringy hair! I need some styling TLC. My local Aveda salon is just the place....

7:23 am - Shnuggle - Jack wakes up. Enjoying our ritual of shnuggling with puppy & blankie. My day really begins.

6:14 am - COOKIES: Making Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies. the rest of the munchies will be provided by trader joes ;)
5:09 am - Fuel: Coffee + Twitter. Ok so it's partial progress...

4:17 am- Rise & Shine: Rolling out of bed. Getting serious with my work out shorts! Waking up early is easy with this rascaly handsome kitty scampering about...

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Jennifer Jacobs said...

wish i could have been there! it looked lovely :)