Creatures Great & Small - Our Little Woodsy Home

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I never would've pictured myself here- but we're so happy living in a wonderfully woodsy area outside of Portland. Of course, I'm more of a wide open spaces kind of gal & always imagined myself out on the range in wyoming....
......but the Oregon pine trees are magical & when we happen upon a little critter I feel very very lucky.

Here's a little glimpse of where we live as shown through my Etsy faves!

Dorsey the Bald Eagle by KimiSew (yes, we actually have a bald eagle couple in the tree behind our house!)
Itty Bitty Mouse by All Things Small (love, love, love this shop!)

Small Forest of One's Own by Pretty Dreamer

Squirrel Wedding Cake Topper by Middleburg

Little Deer Cup by Acero Studio I would love to drink my coffee from this cup!

Brass Sparrow Necklace by SweetSimple

Raccoon Collage Wall Art by Maple Shade Kids

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melinda said...

what a fun post! dorsey and i thank you.