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In Living Color - Photography Tip

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I love sharing photography tips and this one is a very, very easy adjustment that can make a world of difference. The "vivid color" setting on your camera....have you tried it? It takes photos from dull & drab to vibrant & 'shiny' (hmmm, sounds a bit like a shampoo commercial....) Anyhow, it's so simple & easy but when I discovered it last year I just couldn't believe how I'd survived without it.

{{If you already know this trick scroll down for links to other photography tips & check out my giveaway from yesterday!}}

With Vivid Color

Without Vivid Color

The results are dramatic aren't they? These photos were taken on the same day, same spot, only seconds apart. The other settings remained the same (manual mode, white balance, zoom, etc.) If we looked only at the second photo we might say it's fine- interesting angle, sharp, not over saturated. But when compared to the first one we can see how much better it can get! Here's an example of where the difference could very well translate into being included in an Etsy treasury, a blog feature, a gift guide......

Where to find this handy little gem of a setting? When in "Manual Mode" (indicated by the big M on most cameras) look for it on the screen with the other manual settings to adjust. The image below shows a similar screen to the one on my humble camera (Canon Power Shot) and the vivid color setting is the letter "V" on the left hand side, 3 symbols down.

Image Credit MK Digital Direct

If you try this out, I'd love to see your results- do share!

More (easy & clear) photography tips:

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Canon Site for Tips & Techniques - Very cool site, everything from how to photograph holiday lights to photographing youth sports (i'm sure each camera brand also has a tips section)

Digital Camera Review - This specific link has more before & after photos showing how different modes can make a difference...just scroll down a bit. The "white balance" portion is a particularly good example.

HP - Digital Photography:Getting Creative Short, clear run through of some settings


live a colorful life said...

I have a Canon G9. I don't see anything in my manual about vivid color. Is that listed in your manual?

live a colorful life said...

Never mind. I just found a section called "Shooting in a My Colors Mode." Thanks, Allisa. Gotta love the user guide....

Mary said...

thanks for the tips! :)