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Let Me Count The Ways.....

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I'm all sorts of emotional. My baby turned two this week & just this weekend he counted to three by himself! You know, I never ever could've imagined how amazing three little words could be, but I do believe it's cause for celebration!

Here's a few lovely number bits I found browsing through Etsy:

Letter Press Nursery Art from Sweet Beets

Felt Counting Cookies from Smollerup

Custom Personalized Counting Sheep Book Plate from Fall Into Pink

Felt Magnets from MiChiMa

Printable Number Flash Cards from Neskita

I'd love to hear of any other little reasons to celebrate this week, do share!

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Julie said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow? So very precious! Happy Birthday to the little guy!

Shirley Varela said...

Nice blog. Thanks for including my bookplate. The letterpress numbers from sweetbeets is too cute!