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More Orangy Happiness

Friday, January 08, 2010

Image credit MusetteMade

I must admit, I think I've got a case of the post-holiday blues. Even though Christmas was joyous & the new year has started off with a bang (that being my son's 2nd birthday!) I'm a little weepy & sluggish. I've raided the chocolate stash more than once. On a few occasions my husband has caught me sort of walking around the house in circles with a far away look about me. So, I suppose it's time to call in the reinforcements-- like hopefully going to yoga this weekend, treating ourselves to a delicious dinner and wearing this gorgeous necklace of pure happiness!

This pretty thing was a Christmas gift from my husband- he had first chosen a ring but we decided on this instead & it's just lovely. It's from the gorgeous & friendly shop, Musette Made. I wore it the first day it arrived - it's like a little bit of sunshine around my neck...

And that is just what I need right about now.

{{p.s. I had started a post yesterday about 10 things I learned in '09. Unfortunately, the second installment will have to wait so as to not be filled with gloominess - I'll finish it soon though! }}


Julie said...

Oooh, that's gorgeous! I can see why it helps brighten your day, the colour is magnificent! Hope you have a weekend full of delish food and fun yoga and that helps to get you back on track.

live a colorful life said...

I checked out her shop and she has beautiful items! But this one is really gorgeous. And I'm definitely looking forward to the other 5 in 9. The first were really timely and pertinent. I even had my husband read them. Thanks!