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To Sir...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

...with love.

Did flips over these charming printable (and free!) labels from Giver's Log.

Don't just stop after printing out these labels though, check out the whole blog- it's amazing + lovely + chock full of wonderful ideas. love, love, love.

On another note- I really appreciate all the thoughtful words of support & understanding for our little Boston Kitty. As it stands now, his surgery has been postponed as we wait to meet with a specialist- his condition is a bit more severe than first thought. Due to his other health issues, he may not be a good candidate for an intensive surgery so we'll have a better idea after next week where to go from there.... But by all indications he's still happy & not in pain... it's just me with the wrenching heart.


Pili said...

That's a very sweet idea indeed!

I'm sorry to hear about going through such a heart-breaking time with your cat... pets are like family members (that you really care for) and health issues are always difficult!

I'm glad to hear he'll still happy and in no pain at least!

Julie said...

Those labels are so very lovely indeed! I think I found her blog through you, it's a great read!
I'm so very sorry to hear about all that is happening with little Boston, I can't even imagine how hard that would be. We have a boxer, Hyatt, he means the world to me as well, and I would feel the same as you do if we had to make decisions like that about him.

RobbieLee at Chickiedee said...

Good luck with little Boston! He's so precious and I'm glad that you're a sweet sweet person that cares and is taking care of him. I hate when people throw in the towel and say that their "just animals!" Keep on doing what you're doing, my dear! xoxo