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Business Bits - Analytics

Monday, March 29, 2010

Topic: Google Analytics

Set up a Google Analytics account for your site or blog yet? If not, c'mon- hop on the boat...it's relatively easy (with the tools below), informative, and free!

If you're not familiar- Analytics tracks data regarding your site: how many people visit, when, who comes back, how they found you, and other important tidbits. And if you're already set up, but like me, need a refresher now & then- here's a list of links ranging from how to set it up to deciphering it all.
{Image Credit: Slow Pony Supplies. Graph Paper Fabric, lovely!}

What's the big deal? Analytics is the number crunching & smashing. Such an important part of your marketing strategy...it will let you know if that $50 ad you bought was worth it and just how many folks come your way from all your Twittering about. After you set up analytics, understand it, and then access it regularly you can make better decisions about your marketing plans...after seeing the data you just might make some changes or it might reinforce your decisions (like putting in countless hours to build a Facebook page).

Because, after all, numbers don't lie right?

Conversation Marketing -
Video Tutorial on How to Set up Analytics here

Etsy Storque Article
- Specific for your shop, click when logged into Etsy to find your own tracking number): here

Quiltish Article - Basic Glossary of Terms - written last year but still ever so helpful & written for the novice (me!) here

Video by Timothy Adams - Excellent video clearly explaining the data page by page here

*as you're browsing through these links you might notice that there are a few glitches in the Etsy/Analytics program. But, like anything else, I guess you take the good with the bad and make the most of it.

Happy Data Crunching!