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Earth Day Tutorials

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rounded up a few projects to celebrate Earth Day! However, I'm sure we could all agree that maybe the very best project for Earth Day is to just think
For me, it's easy to get lost in my lovely world of little Jack & Oregon trees & sewing & soy lattes...but sometimes when I really stop to think.....well, that's when I probably do the very best kind of celebrating. 

A few lovelies: 

Plantable Paper from The Long Thread

Upcycled Shirt Pocket Quilt from Martha Stewart

Have a upcycled/recycled/reused tutorial of your own? Know a great one? Do share!


Pili said...

Great ideas!
And we should think about Earth Day, every day!

Julie said...

I love the idea of the upcycled shirt pocket quilt. Might have to give that one a go for the boys bedrooms!