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Thursday, April 15, 2010

from Jack.
to me.
the loveliest flower i've ever seen.
in between soccer kicks
and running bursts.
he stops.
stoops low.
admires bits of color
dotting the grass.
quickly, quickly-
runs back.
to me.
"yellow for mama."
for me?
for me.

to keep.


Pili said...

That's just too sweet!

Julie said...

Oh goodness! That would have melted my heart on the spot. I love our little men and how they are always thinking of mum.
Cheers, have a lovely weekend!

karuski said...

So cute!

sewmeow said...

How wonderful and you'll always remember the day he gave it to you.
Enjoy him lots while he's young.

andrea of ffft said...

You just made my morning... the other day I started to gripe that every time we go out the boys have to fill the stroller with so much stuff that I then have to dump out before we get home (we live in an apartment... a VERY TEENY apartment...) and how it would be so much easier if we just left the sticks and rocks and dandelions and random bits and bobs on the ground where we find them... then I remembered how when I was a child on the beach I found such magic in the wee little pebbles and bits of twisted wood and how my mother took the magic away by making them "the junk I brought home all the time". So I let them pick up all their bits and just let myself be five again. Sometimes we just need to learn from our kids, ya know?

Jen said...