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Business Bits - Twitter

Monday, May 03, 2010

Topic: Social Media - Twitter

I've said it a gazillion times- I was skeptical of Twitter. It seemed, how do you say it? unnecessary? I thought, who in the heck wants to read my little musings throughout the day. But my husband - the marketing genius that he is- persisted on & signed me up.

I can actually say it's been one of the most powerful turning points in the journey of my wee little business. I initially thought it would just be a time waster (and oh, it can be that) and or be just like waving & screaming, "look at me! look at me!"  But it's not. Well it can be. It can be whatever you make it to be.

Social Media Pillows from Craftsquatch

So keeping in mind a little ettiquette & a few boundaries here are some ways I've found Twitter to be an extraordinary method of sharing my story.

Connect: meet other business owners, crafters, and others with like-minded (or not!) interests (what to talk about? successes, frustrations, information on small business ownership, Etsy help...)
Share: behind the scenes to your brand  (new projects, new techniques, tutorials, printables)
Tell: your story  (link to your blog posts, share photos of your booth at a craft show, post exciting successes)
Collaborate: many people post opportunities such as a guest blogging, events, cross-promotional, ask for submissions  
Find: interesting articles, sales, good deals, happenings in the world (follow your suppliers, local shops, newspapers, magazines)
Network:  local shops, magazines, people who inspire
Go Local:  follow other Etsy shops & business owners in your area to share craft show information, local events, and perhaps even meet up!
Promote: finally, finally the thing many people think Twitter is all about.  I try to find a balance with this one though....no one ( I don't think) wants to read "here's my new......"  "just listed my new......"  "take a look at my.........."   over & over without any substance in between
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lesley [smidgebox] said...

i was also skeptical to begin with! but having given it a try, i have found that i love it. i have 'coworkers' and people to bounce thoughts + ideas off of. likeminded folks who share their interests. i have gained So much more than i could have imagined!
i'm so glad to have 'met' people there, like you too, who have enriched my business + my little online community.

Pili said...

As usual, great advice!
And I do love those pillows!

Twisted said...

Thanks for the info! I will try it again, noone ever responds when I write on there. I need to make some new connections.

P.S. I'm in P-town too!