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Tagging Game #8

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've been tagged! Thanks to the lovely Phoebe from El Sage.
Here's the game: in my photos go to the 8th folder and choose the 8th photo...then tell the story.

Sadly, I cheated. Our 8th file is titled "HBS." Which includes all the wildly interesting pics from my husband's business school adventure. Including, "Al Gore", "Rugby," & "interview."  Sooo, I counted 8 on from there and got to "trips."  And look what I found.......

Our cross country move from Oregon to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2005. Just  a few weeks married. In a U-Haul. In August. With our brand new kitten.
Here's me driving the big 'ol truck (big it was, the guy gave us a discount on the super hauler....felt like a semi) with Boston Kitty literally riding shotgun.  Boston had immediately made it clear he hated the kitty carrier & preferred to sleep on my lap the entire way, or curled up next to the warm faux leather seat.

Couldn't resist another shot of little Boston all cozy in the truck....and me, as usual, fussing.  Of course, the temporary tattoo of my husband's intials I got at a local fair really adds some class to the photo.

Join in & share your own 8th of 8th photos!

Tagging these wonderful friends, love to see their 8ths!

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Erin said...

How fun! I love that your cat wouldn't stay in the crate... ours never does, either :)

Here is my 8th of 8!


Monica said...

What a sweet little cat! Love the tattoo...lol! Thanks for tagging me, I'll post later today :)

Waterrose said...

aww great pictures....I'll post sometime in the week coming up. Thanks so much and happy holiday weekend!

Jennifer Jacobs said...

LOLOLOL! Love the tat!