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Business Bits - Is Bigger Better?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Topic: Business Growth: Is Bigger Better?

Bigger is better.  Right? Well, seems like many folks want us to believe that. Especially in business. There is a pervasive pressure to grow, baby, grow.

I hear businessy people talk about it all the time: finding investors, developing wholesale accounts, Even my dad joked around about when I would make my business public.  Other people often exclaim, "Oh my my gosh, you're still making all those things yourself!"  This feedback can be both energizing (they have confidence in me!) and hurtful (I'm not trying to develop a factory here). 

So, needless to say, I enjoyed the outlook shared by Bo Burlingham, author of the book, Small Giants. He challenges the notion that bigger is better in business. I've read the book & found this clip to be especially thought-provoking when considering how & by how much you want your business to grow.

Outline:  { I was a teacher for goodness sake! }

In facing the pressure to grow, small businesses need to ask themselves, "What is it you want out of your business?"     Ok, so, what is it?

While the notion of 'investors' may seem a bit distant for some - replace that term with "wholesale accounts," "new site," "hiring employees".....

Owner of Anchor Brewery, a company that has mindfully & strategically stayed small,  proclaims, "we have an identity."   Do you have an identity?

Growing a company can often be at the risk of "moving product over building relationships."
 Do you ever feel like you're facing this risk?

Successful businesses that stay small purposefully all include three characteristics:
    - Integrity (we are who we say we are)
    - Professionalism  (we do what we say we will do)
    - Human Connection (building an emotional bond)

Bo includes profiles of other small businesses he calls Small Giants - a fascinating read!

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Michelle said...

very thought provoking and quite apt for me at the moment. Thanks for sharing :o)

alamodestuff said...

I so relate to this post. Thank you.

I feel like I'm always justifying my decision to stay small. I've struggled with the pressure of growing for years but am finally happy with where I am now.