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Fabric Finds

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Last weekend while taking a little family day trip to the Spruce Goose (have you seen this thing? If not, put it on your list!) we ventured into McMinnville. I had told my husband there were good lunch spots to be found. Actually, I was just steering us closer to one of my favorite but out of the way (for me!) fabric spots - Boersma's.  It's huge and well organized & teeming with gorgeous quilts.
But the best part? Get ready....I'm going to share a secret here.... they have a fabric closeout basement! It's not a little dinky area with boring prints either...oh no, you could spend hours & lots of cash in this little slice of fabric heaven.  So with my husband & son 'patiently' waiting in the car (quilt shops are not a place for two year-old boys. I've learned.) I zipped right down to the basement & snagged a few yards. I desperately wanted more time...and a bigger budget. But I'm already planning a return trip.

Here's a few that I found - some tried & true prints and then some rarities I'm going to treasure.
I won't even tell you what I paid...because you probably won't believe me! Let's just say a few days without lattes covered the cost. Seriously.

Anyone up for a day trip? :)