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My Studio - A Little Peek

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I've been hoping to share my studio space for quite some time...but was waiting until it was perfect...then I realized it never would be- so, here it is!

Challenge: send me photos of your space & I'll gather them to share on a Studio Peek post next week!  (send 1 or 2 photos to allisa.jacobs [at] gmail [dot] com  )

I am so lucky to have this huge creative space...though it is really hard to photograph. We're right up next to a foresty mountainy hill so the natural light can be scarce until summer really sets in.

Desk + Never Ending To Do List.  I keep little treasures posted above to keep me inspired & motivated.
Wholesale orders & important things to remember. This area needs some color ;)

Main fabric area. There is another closet full. But not nearly as neat!

What I endearingly refer to as the 'assembly line.' Iron table + cutting area + notions + sewing machine.

Trusty sewing machine. This old gal deserves a lot of credit! 

A few finished bags & more little treasures: clay heart my husband bought on one of our very first dates, a photo of my mom and I as a baby, a mini horse collection.....

So, there it is - in all it's glory! I'd love to be able to paint & add more things to the walls. Do send your photos, I'd love to see your little (or big!) creative place! 


Laura (Curry Kay Designs) said...

It must be a studio kind of day! Posted about mine today too (www.currykaydesigns.com).

Love your desk... I feel I could be productive with that!

karuski said...

Lovely to see your studio Allisa! Your fabric stash does look so neatly organized.

Cindy said...

It's so fun to peak at where creative people do their creating!

Bridgett | Perideau Designs said...

What a lovely space. Maybe I should take a picture of mine as a before shot.