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Hey Sisters!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Whew, just returned from our little jaunt over to the Sisters Quilt Show! It's an amazing annual event & I hadn't been for five years so I was just itchin' to get back. Plus, it's located in one of the parts of Oregon I just adore- the high desert town of Sisters, Oregon right outside of Bend.  I begged Mr. Quiltish to go, so we loaded up the car & made a little camping trip out of the whole thing!

It's definitely worth it to mark your calendar for next year (always the second Saturday in July).  The whole charming little western town opens itself up for the event - quilts hung from nearly every storefront & in between.

Two aspects incredibly inspiring: the diversity of the quilts (from Gee's Bend to abstract to Amish to traditional lovelies your grandmum would make) and the fact that this event was started from an entreprenuer & crafter who surely has her place in the Handmade Hall of Fame...Jean Wells - owner of the Stitchin Post quilt shop in town. And now, co-owned by her daughter, fabric designer & quilter Valori Wells.  Definitely an inspiration to see such a culmination of creativy & savvy.

No idea how many quilts were there...easily over 1,000 - but here are a few photos of ones that really caught my eye:
abstract + orange. I bee-lined to this beauty.

crisp + intricate...amazing talent for sure.

what a stunner! I've wanted to make a strip quilt for ages...this one is a definite inspiration!

perfect gradation of color- i like how it's bold & abstract

super intriguing, this one- a bit Indian? Royal? Gypsy? I don't know...but I love it.

I adore this quilt- mostly because it uses one of my favorite fabric groups ever- Flea Market Fancy. So charming!

bold burst of brightness- gorgeous representation of the sun

yes, this really is a quilt. Crazy, I know. I wish my photo captured just how gosh darn amazing the craftsmanship was!

simple & crisp. Would love this on a big ol bed!

Wow! This is one of my all time favorites. I trekked a long way in the hot hot sun just for more camera batteries so I could photograph this charmer.

Which do you like best?  I'll be posting more quilt photos in the week ahead...so many lovely quilts to share :)


Mel said...

Oh, my, I love looking at quilts. My favorite is the flea market fancy and definately the last one.

live a colorful life said...

My favorite, even though I have actually seen it live quite a few times, is the fourth one down. And the FMF--probably because I only have teensy scraps of a fabric line that had some of the best colors and prints. Ever.

Allisa Jacobs said...

Mel- isn't the FMF just amazing?! I wish I had stocked up on that fabric when I had the chance :)

Marcia said...

So beautiful!

Allisa Jacobs said...

I agree Flea Market Fancy is one of the best line ever made!

You've seen the brown & blue abstract one before? It must be quite the traveling quilt :)

Jennifer Jacobs said...

Pretty quilts!
Where did you camp? :)