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My Trip to Reform School

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

As a suggestion from Ellen over at The Long Thread, I made a point to stop by Reform School while on vacation in Los Angeles earlier this month. A bit of a drive from Santa Monica....but a worthwhile experience. It was like walking through a real life version of Etsy.

Not planning a trip to LA? No worries...their site is one of the cleverest I've seen & spent a lot of time perusing their goodies online!
clever. even at the front.

by far my most favorite items in the shop...these fascinating handmade creatures from Gazoor (another gorgeous website to feast your eyes upon!)

Am I in Oregon? Seriously.. this little corner was a piece of home :)

hand drawings on the walls. another nifty idea. and how about these charming polar bears?

my next most favorite items...pottery with endearing paintings of various critters- and this soap from Saipua is really just to much. I gushed over each beautiful bar!

The ever wonderful Divine Twine. Stationery wall deluxe.

Front window display. Shoot, the little parachute men barely show up in the photo...but they along with the puffy clouds made window shopping fun and gives some good ideas for kid's rooms....

A real beauty of a shop!


Pili said...

Oh my! That's an absolutely dream shop! I'd love to drop by there and spend a whole day!

Mel said...

OOO love those puffy white clouds. I want to go there too.