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Santa Monica Design

Saturday, July 03, 2010

We've been back from our trip for a few days now. Well, five. But who's counting? Ok, I admit it. I'm still very much in vacation mode- as I shared last week, I really needed a rest. But I sort of anticipated coming back and going full throttle.  Designing new bags, making a quilt for Jack, rearranging my schedule, and even getting prepared for the holiday rush.

But instead, I've found myself California dreaming.  I did live there for awhile after college; began my teaching career through Teach for America & met my hunky husband...so I have nothing but love for Cali....but maybe I forgot just how much I loved it, until now.

We were lucky stay in a gorgeous hotel (thanks to this being a quasi business trip for Mark!)....I wanted to take most of the decor home with me....instead of stashing them in my suitcase I opted to take a few pics for later inspiration. Enjoy!

yellow is my color. i love it just about anywhere. adore it here with the greens & oranges. (note: the couch is really more of a sea glass green...my photography skills failed to capture that)

want these wall hangings. thinking of trying my hand at painting or quilting vertical strips - inspired by the long green painting here
someday i will have doors like these. i will. i will.

fell in love with this beaded pillow. dig the colors & gets me thinking all sorts of crafty thoughts.....

my favorite room.....the bathroom! love the furniture piece for the vanity- and it's a deep orange. another favorite. plus this stool is gorgeous- rustic & beachy. it was tempting to not find someway to bring this home with me.

tons of these little boxy planters around. i am on a mission to find some similar.

note to self: if you photograph a mirror you will more than likely be in it.

outdoor fireplace & living room area. how dreamy to be able to live outdoors? while i'm not a fan of the blase wicker... the turquoise tiles looked lovely glimmering at night.

outdoor mosaic. this was jack's favorite part. he insisted on touching it & pointing out interesting aspects. like the statue on the right was 'mama' and he was one of the baby fishes. charming. I really wanted to include him in the photo but at this very moment he was laying on the foyer floor kicking & screaming "no go home!"  seriously.

i kind of felt the same exact way.


Pili said...

Wow, it was really a gorgeous place to stay at!

And going back from vacation is really hard...

live a colorful life said...

Yes, really amazing. Lots of cool design/decorating ideas, which I am sure you will put to good use! I'm with Jack. I would probably have been kicking and screaming too. Seriously.