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Go Mama Go!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It just sort of dawned on me that my birthday is coming up. I've almost officially been in my 30's for one whole year. It's kind of nice. Not much different. But I think I care a little less what other people think. I'm focusing a little more on health & making those doctor appointments that I really need to schedule. And...well, yes, the whole exercising bit.

Each birthday prompts me to look at my aspirations. But I love having goals. They become my little roadmap. When I'm feeling a bit lost, I kind of wander around a bit & stress & get overwhelmed & days blur past....but then all of sudden a little light bulb goes off & I remember my list. And I wake up. Pull up my boot straps and look in the mirror and say some sort of silly affirmation like, "buck up Allisa" or "you can do this," or "this is your time to shine."

(really, I do this.)

These affirmations have also become one of the most endearing traits in our little family. We cheer each other on.  My husband & Jack have little inside jokes where they exclaim, "you rock!"  And Jack will often spontaneously say, "Go Mama Go!" and "I proud of you Mama."  In those moments every thing becomes easy & true.

so here's a little list. and i'm sticking to it:

1. get strong. er. 
2. realize I can't manage time. but I can make the most of it.
3. be the friend I know I can be
4. declutter...some things just need to go.
5. enjoy the now. because it really is fleeting.
6. let go of what is lost.
7. remember the grass isn't always greener. I've seen a lot of grass & it's often brown.  
8. create for our home.
9. finally embrace my freckles.
10. breathe.

what goals are on your list?


wishes, true and kind said...

Great goals! Today was the day I was going to get back to an exercise regime -- then I woke up with a nasty cold. I need to stay motivated though. Please send me a virtual kick in the backside!

Julie said...

these are so great Allisa! It's so easy to get sidetracked,and to let our minds wander. Staying focused is the hard part, but there's no doubt that you can do it! Oh, and I too have loads of freckles, sometimes when I really look at them, I can't get over how many I have. I didn't like them for the longest time, but then I realized, if I didn't have them, I wouldn't be "Julie". Cheers!

Daniela Ortiz-Bahamonde said...

I love your Etsy collection