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Organizing Tidbit

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ok, I admit. Organization is not my strong suit. In fact, it's fair to say it's my daily struggle. I want to be organized. I really do. I dream of everything all tucked away neat & tidy...but alas, it doesn't seem to happen.

But...I'm happy to say I'm making some progress! I've decided to break things down bit by bit & create solutions for each little area in my studio & home.

One thing I've found that works really well is prepping my best selling items for my shop ahead of time and storing them together.   I've done that with my list organizers...all the fabrics are pre-cut along with the notions specific to these items & with the pattern I created...all tucked inside a zip bag to be stored away in my large studio drawers. Has cut my time in half & makes me feel a little more prepared for the upcoming holiday rush.  

Do you have an organizing tip? If so..please share....I really need it :) Plus, if you email me a photo I'll post about it here!


Jessica Warrick said...

I have a blog award for you on my blog.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Hi Allisa. That's a great idea. Saving time is what it is all about. I actually have an organizing blog if you want to check it out. I hope you can find some helpful tips. I hope you don't mind if I post a link to this post to help others. Take care, Connie

Terri said...

Your so clever....

I do kind of the same thing. I have a plastic tub kind of a medium size. There are about 20 of them and they just stack on top of each other with a label descibing whats inside (even though they are clear)

I to precut my shop stuff so that it's ready to go.
Thanks for coming out to visit for my last dinner, it was great to meet you.