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Fabric Color Palette

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Writing this post one-handed....got a sleeping toddler in the other. Just had to share my lovely stack of fabric I purchased this weekend & the amazing palette generated at Color Palette FX.  {have you seen this site? you can create a palette from a photo...try it out & share! } Inspired by the lovely palettes I posted about yesterday from Color Collective. I'm loving the endive greens, slates, & orchids- I think I must of had Pantone's fall report in the back of my mind when I shopped! (I'd love to claim to be that on top of trends...but I'm not!)

Anyhow, I splurged on tons more- some warm cottons that look a bit like wool for winter clutches as well as some Moda toweling that just might make me glad to do dishes. We'll see.

I think I had some post-purchase guilt though because I woke up this morning & promptly started listing some gorgeous scraps & bundles in my destash shop....(pssst. you know you need more fabric ;)

Alright, this little man is getting heavy.
                                  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Hannah said...

hey there alissa! i am a new follower! don't remember how i found your blog...you know how easy it is to get lost out there in blogworld, but i have fallen in love with your stuff. i too, am a mother to a jack, two years old, and a sewing fanatic! i am also on etsy, still have yet to have a single sale, but am not giving up. just wanted to say, love your blog and keep up the good work. :) if you get time, come on over and visit me and my sister's blog. take care!

Allisa Jacobs said...

Welcome Hannah! Thanks so much for stopping by :)
Always love hearing about little Jacks.
You & your sister have a lovely blog & shop. Best wishes to you, xo