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Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm a sucker for adorable baby animal photos...but, I must admit, my heart nearly melted when I laid eyes on Marge.  I adore this photo because it's simple & yet there's so much emotion in her big 'ol eyes...it's like she's looking right at us.  Loads of inspiration & reminders about life (for me!) in these moments when we can really see the feelings, personality & heart of another animal.


Pili said...

Such a cute adorable photo!

Anonymous said...

I'm partly in awe at the cuteness and partly creeped out. Is it that she seems to be looking into my soul that creeps me out so much? It's a very intense photo. I go gaga over giraffes at the zoo. I just feel so lucky to see one in person, I don't mind that they're in a cage. There's just something wrong with that. lol.