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Business Bits - Reach Out

Monday, December 27, 2010

Well, here it is. My very last Business Bits post. At least officially. I'll definitely be sharing more tips & experiences about my Etsy shop & small business...in fact, I'm in the early stages of drafting an e-book culminating all my business bits posts & gobs more findings & sources...but this is it for now.

It was a year ago about this time I decided to write weekly posts sharing my thoughts & opinions on running a successful Etsy shop and online small business. It was a little scary. At times, I missed the mark. But on many other occasions I had wonderful feedback & am thankful to Etsy for featuring part of my post in the Success Newsletters.  

What started it all off was my initial posts "10 for '09" - a list of top ten lessons I had learned from 2009. It was such a powerful exercise for me to reflect & list all those hard-learned lessons....I thought I'd finish up the year with a bit of the same. This time, though, just one. One big lesson I learned this year. 

{image: Papermoth}

Without a doubt- the best biggest simplest thing I learned this year was to reach out

To other people. And along with that I might add that it includes reaching out in kindness & without underestimating anyone.  

In 8th grade my history teacher told my mom I was a social butterfly. For many years I was-  flitting around, smiling & making friends. Somewhere along the line though, I became a bit of a homebody.... being a stay-at-home mom with a home-business sure didn't stretch the social boundaries either. So, probably much to the surprise of both my mother & my 8th grade teacher, sometimes I have to make an effort to get on out there.  

I had done a fair bit of it with my shop before....but this year I stretched myself even more. And I'm still stretching. Reaching out has returned wonderful rewards both personally & professionally. I've gotten to know some amazing people & have been fortunate to share in others' success. I've felt that comfort of friendship- but this time connected to my shop & craft. I've gotten to know customers, and their stories, on a whole new level- adding more meaning to my sewing. I've formed incredible collaborations & have been amazed time & again by the kindness of others. And yes, there's been some rejection & let-downs too.

 But that's all part of reaching out...and because of it, my shop is a fuller, happier, more fulfilling little place.

{{{Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to read & support my Business Bits posts...I am so appreciative of your feedback & input...and the experiences you shared with me. I'd love to hear any suggestions of topics you'd like to see included in my e-book...so comment away or email me at allisa.jacobs [at] gmail [dot] com.  Cheers to continued & shared success in 2011! }}}


brenna said...

Sage advice for anyone I suspect. I hope 2011 brings great things to you and your lovely shop!

Pili said...

I've loved reading your Business Bits posts, and I'm glad to hear you're planning to work on an e-book with even more tips!

Fine Hand said...

I avidly read your Business Bits and want to thank you so much for posting them - best wishes for 2011!

Sal said...

I have loved reading your business bits posts. Can't wait for the e book!
Sal x

Yellowbird said...

Just happened to come across your blog. I'm a fellow stay at home mom/caretaker of my brother. I totally know what you mean about forcing yourself to reach out. I'm new to Etsy, can't wait to look back and read all of your other tips. Thanks so much for sharing.

"your newest follower"