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Business Bits - Surprise Yourself

Monday, December 20, 2010

With Christmas & the new year soon approaching, I'm doing a lot of thinking. About everything really. I just love this time of your for reflection & introspection.  Not only to give & seek love but I find the warmth & newness a welcome time to take stock of just who I am. 

This, of course, includes my shop. 

One thing that has come to mind in regards to my shop, is that I never would've imagined I'd be where I am today. It feels good to soak that in. But, more frighteningly, it means that there is also more to come.  Much of which, I may be holding myself back from.

And so, I think it's time to let myself be surprised. 

{image: LolasRoom}

Shouldn't be too hard to do if I remember all that I've changed, become, accomplished, & done that really shocks me when I stop to think about them. 

things about myself that continue to surprise me:
*As a country lovin' young woman I moved on my own to 3 different large cities to pursue social work & teaching
* I attended college.  A good one. A really good one. Even though I thought after high school I'd probably get married & move on a farm & work at the beauty parlor. But I tried the scary thing (for me!)
* I was accepted to Teach for America & became a teacher of students with special needs. Never thought I'd be a leader. of any sort. 
* I earned my master's degree. 
* I learned to embrace sunshine- wherever I can find it
* I sew  things that people like. This, to me, was a scary scary endeavor to start. The ultimate set-up for rejection. But it's just happiness for me to create & make & share. 

Sooo....when I think about my shop & where it's all going and all those little thoughts creep in like, "oh well. that's just who I am I guess." or "it happens to other people, but not to me," or "oh no, I could never, ever ______" or "I guess I'm ok with secondbest"   - I want to remember all that already amazes me & have faith in what is just waiting for me to grab hold.... 

....and let myself be surprised by all the goodness that can surely come. 

1 comment :

Hannah from FlyChicks said...

Thank you Allisa! This is just what I needed to hear today!