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Handmade Holiday

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We had such a wonderful, magical holiday this year. Lots of laughing, eating, & merrying....plus there was so much handmade gift-giving it made things all the cheerier. Thought I'd share a few of them here. {so wish I could share them in some sort of natural context, but seems like we're in a perpetual state of gray here in Oregon and have no natural light. ah well.....}

Star ornament I made for Jack- with his favorite colors of course! I just couldn't stop making these little patchwork cuties!

Coaster sets for family gift baskets. (I've got a whole stock-pile of woodsy, country fabric reserved just for my fam ;) 

This year, the husband & I decided to give each other only handmade gifts (focus our spending on bigger things to come ;) anyhow- I made this embroidered wall hanging. It's a bit girly, but as my husband noted - he would expect anything I made to be on the girlish side. I can't wait to hang this up! We don't really have anything lovey dovey like this in our house...even our wedding photos didn't turn out so this was my little homage to us. 

Ok, so here's more sappy lovey-ness. We also decided to get ornaments for each other & I just couldn't find one I liked so I made this pillow heart- embroidery on linen. "Soul Matey" - is a little inside joke. 
(I love how it turned out, inspiring me to offer something similar in the shop? hmm.....)

And with his usual awesome gift finding-ness, he found this adorable teensy little handmade house from My House Party. It is so incredibly tiny & intricate & lovely...plus it's from a little shop here in Portland. 

And for the grand finale...... My ultra-talented, sneaky, surprising, & amazing husband drew this portrait of me.  How incredible is this?  It's inspired from a photo taken two Christmases ago when I was looking down at baby Jack. 

Hooray for handmade- Hope everyone had a lovely & magical holiday as well! 


Anonymous said...

You have an amazingly talented family! Happy holidays!

Bagladee said...

Wooowwwweeee he is talents what a super portrait!! Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas!

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011. x

tracy said...

love that star ornament, so it's probably a good thing I saw this AFTER the holidays otherwise I'd have yet another craft project on my list this year. I did make tons of coaster sets for my family, though; such an sweet & easy way to make a super-personal gift. I only wish I had given myself time to embroider monograms on them. Next year..... :)

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Oh, I love that wall hanging! So sweet & cute. :) And the drawing of you is just too perfect. Such talent!

Jen said...

Holy crap! I knew Mark could draw but dang....!

Waterrose said...

what lovely heartfelt presents. He is quite the artist....

Happy New Year!