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Happiest Day

Thursday, January 20, 2011

proud. amazed. gushing. scared. surprised. expectant. overjoyed. tearful. 

all these feelings sum up how I feel with Little Jack's recent accomplishment - writing his name! He constantly amazes me.  He's an observer...and always has been. He watches & without me even directly showing him things...he'll pop up a week later & show me what he can do. Like this summer when he independently spelled his name & "mom" with the refrigerator door magnets & said, "look, I did our names!" I looked and yipped & cried & cheered.  Then, early this fall he began typing his name on the computer...I had no idea he could until he one day said, "my turn." And just typed it out easy as you please. 

So I shouldn't be all that surprised when he started printing his name this fall.....it definitely was tricky & he often said, "my J is kinda funny."  He stopped doing it for awhile & I thought, well that was a brief little glimpse into his mind. And then all of sudden last week at his 3 year check-up he just sort of whipped it out on the back of my notes. 

Oh, the wonder.


the rikrak studio said...

oh isn't this the most wonderful feeling! and what a great mommy you are to share in his joy.

yay you.

We Blog Artists said...

SO SO adorable...I had one of those moments when I put my 3 year old(3 years ago) in an Art class and the teacher said "ok Moms...write your child's name on the back of their piece of paper" and little a said...I can do it Mummy....and she printed her name...amazing.
LOVE this post...it brought back LOTS of great memories...thanks!

CaliQuilter said...

Allisa,I am lucky to have four children and I can tell you the fun has just begun! What a sweet post.

I have given you the "Liebster Blog Award." (I know, I didn't know what it was either.) I have written about it on my blog at www.caliquilter.blogspot.com.