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5 Quick Tips to Makeover Your Etsy Shop

Thursday, February 24, 2011

{image courtesy Apartment Therapy}

I admit it. I'm obsessed with makeovers. Of any kind really. People losing weight, cutting off inches of their hair....but mostly room transformations. I just love a good shock. And it always feels nice- like, 'well hey now, there is hope.'  With spring around the corner, I bet some of our shops need a little dusting off and smartening up. Short of an official re-launch, here are a few things to spruce things up a bit! 

1. Photo Refresh:  You know you have at least a couple that could be better. Maybe try something different; introduce staging or props, new location or background, vary the angle?  {ps. here's a few of my own photography tips}

2. Focus on Color: Open up that box of Crayola's and reconsider how you've described your items.  Is it yellow or maybe ochre?  Green or endive?  Blue or  Ocean?  {tip: I love Martha Stewart's Paint names, do keep in mind current Etsy merchandising pointers as well } 

3. Pizzazz:  Not talking multiple pieces of flair or anything, but maybe just a little sumthin' sumthin'.  A new technique? A color you've never worked with? A spin on one of your current items? 

4. Updated Profile: Maybe it's just me, but I wrote that thing ages ago & hadn't really given it a second look. I was horrified & embarrassed to rediscover mine- a virtual babbling mess.  Rewrite yours to establish your brand, tell your story, and differentiate your shop. 

5. Usher in the New: If you've got the time add hints of the upcoming season to your shop with a few new items.  Too busy to add to the collection? Perhaps just rearrange your shop items to keep things fresh. 

There we go- a quick & easy dusting off! Have a quick tip of your own? Do share! 


Tara said...

Thanks for the great advice! I am not anywhere near ready to give out pointers! I'm taking some new pictures of items in my etsy shop. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you!

karuski said...

Thanks for good tips! I'm constantly struggling with these issues and yes, there's always room for improvement.

One thing to consider is to add a bit of each season to your shop's appearance (just like b&m stores do), be it a prop in your item photos or just a color scheme in your items or shop banner.


Allisa Jacobs said...

Your items are lovely! Best of luck with your photographs- happy to provide any ideas if I can, just send me a message.

Best to you & your shop, xo

Amanda said...

I am always looking for ways to improve and make my shop fresh :) Photos are always one that I always think need a constant make over.
Great tips!

Allisa Jacobs said...

Thanks for the idea Minna! I agree, adding a bit of props can make all the difference....though admittedly, I struggle with this myself ;)

Anna of IHOD said...

What a fantastic post! Some great tips. I just recently re-worded my shop announcement because I realized it was so outdated!
Have a lovely weekend!

Lil Wildflower said...

Thank you! I didn't think of it as a "makeover," but that actually changes the idea of the on-line store- just like how physical stores constantly change their appearance. That planted a seed...