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Tutorial Tuesday - Roll-Up Baby Changing Mat

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When my first son was born I really didn't care for the vinyl or plastic changing mats so I whipped up a few fabric ones and loved how I could just throw them in the wash. The snap makes it handy to keep in a bag and they're also super versatile; I used one for his swim class towel, one as an actual travel changing pad, and another to take to the park for picnics and such. Now, with baby number two coming, I thought I'd whip up a few more...this one is for my friend & her new little boy.  I think they make darling gifts and are really pretty easy & fast. Here's a tutorial to make your own: {note: you can easily adjust the size or leave out the band if you prefer...} 

Cotton Fabric:  piece 14" x 24" (for main mat) and 5" x 13" (for ) 
Terry Cloth (or chenille): slightly larger than 14" x 24"
Light Iron- On Interfacing: 5" x 13"
Snap: one set   (or Velcro) 

Step 1: Starting with band-  Iron on interfacing to wrong side of small piece of fabric. Fold in top & side edges approximately 1/4".  Iron firmly. 

Step 2: Fold band over lengthwise to create a long band with all the edges tucked in. Press firmly with iron. Top stitch around the sides & top.  (similar to making a bag handle). 

Step 3: Now for the actual mat - lay main fabric piece right side down on top of terry cloth piece. Pin carefully (terry cloth can be a little shifty :)  

Step 4: Inserting the band- At the end of one short side of the mat (the "top" if your pattern is directional) indicate the midpoint mark, should be 7" in.  Insert the the band inside your little fabric & terry cloth sandwich. Be sure to put the top of your band inside. Pin in place. 

Step 5: Stitch around edge of top fabric with 1/4" to 3/8" seam allowance (needs to be a bit larger to allow for turning right side out later)  leaving a 4-5" opening (backstitch at each end). 
Step 6: Trim the extra terry cloth from the seam allowance and cut the corners diaganolly. 

Step 7: Turn right side out, pulling mat and band through the opening. Push out the corners gently and tuck opening in carefully, try to fold evenly to 'match' the seam.  Press entire mat firmly with an iron. 
Step 8: Top stitch around entire mat. I like to double top-stitch, as it makes it more durable. Top-stitching also securely closes the opening we had folded. 

Step 9:  Attach the snap:  At the top end of the band attach the top snap  following manufacturer's directions (I love an excuse to whip out the hammer :)   Roll up the changing mat as it will be used (not too tightly or too loosely) and mark where the the bottom part of the snap should go.  Attach the the second part of the snap (should look something similar to above). 

Step 10:  Roll up, snap, and put to use! 

Happy to answer any questions...and do let me know if there is a mistake (gasp!) or a step that needs clarifying. Check out my Tutorial Page for other nifty little projects!

1 comment :

Kate S. said...

Looks like a great way to make a changing mat! Thanks for sharing :)