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Celebrating Mistakes in My Etsy Shop

Monday, April 25, 2011

{Papercut image from Super Cool Spy Club}

Lately, I've been doing lots of thinking. Lots. Probably the combination of spring cleaning, being pregnant, working on my book, making improvements to my shop, considering some changes, and yes, being really pregnant. Anyhow, all this thinking has led to lots of introspection - in all areas of life- but especially my whole Etsy shop experience up to this point.  

Really, I am proud of myself (saying that with lots of humility & a little shoulder shrug :) but I do see where I made some poor decisions along the way. Since I'm not the person to hold onto regret, let's call them lessons learned- and plow forward.  But, I do hope sharing these mistakes might be helpful to others along their creative business journey so here they are in all their guts & glory -

Top 5 Mistakes Running My Etsy shop: 

1. Jumped in Blind -   Didn't do a stitch of research and sort of figured out Etsy and everything else along the way. This led to a lot of technical errors, frantic moments, and lost income. 
2. Lacked Vision - I hoped to just sell what I made. I didn't really think through my concept or brand. Thankfully it developed over time, but it would've saved me lots of heartache to think it through in advance. 
3. Confused Brand - I didn't know who I was or what I wanted to make. Luckily, I found my niche but a little bit of discretion and restraint could have helped me arrive to this point a whole lot sooner. 
4. Focused on the Small - Sure, details are essential- but in the grand scheme of things planning out when to answer message, follow up on inquiries, comment on blogs and such should've been better prioritized for efficiency. Oh, the time I lost....
5. Lone Dogged It - Maybe it was just my comfort zone, maybe it was cluelessness - I'm not sure but I know I waited way to long to start connecting- authentic connections- to collaborate, team-up, guest post, and share ideas.  

The best part of reflecting and realizing mistakes is celebrating all that has been achieved and worked through. So hooray for mistakes....and learning from them! 

If you're up for baring your soul, I'd love to hear any mistakes you've made in your journey!

{ps. if you're up for more creative business advice, check out my Business Bits page and also look for my e-book coming soon!}


Erin said...

I have made all of the above mistakes and am still making them:) But that is just a part of the process:) Loved reading yours! I actually have a whole section on my blog just to reveal my royal mistakes, so your not the only one:)

Allisa Jacobs said...

Erin- thanks so much for sharing your experience! Popped on over to your shop & love your spoon necklaces, clever!

Danielle Renee said...

Thanks for the post. I think my mistake has been..or still is... pulling myself in different directions at the same time. I have so many creative ideas its hard for my mind to slow down with all the excitement going on in my brain. Yet I struggle with reproducing the same items over and over again for one of my shops because it loses its excitement. I still do it though.

Is this baring enough? =)

Anonymous said...

hey i am commng over from IHOD. it was a while i am focussing about my etsy mistakes and your guides are very welcome to me. i want to lean how to get more publicity and more sales. i am not used to it and wanna lear more!thanks for sharing, will read the other linke and wait for the e book! ;D