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A Daughter and a Mom

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day has always been a little difficult for me to celebrate. My mom had me young and raised me on her own for awhile. She faced a tough life and brought me along for most of it. For many years I thought that everything I had become was thanks to my many wonderful teachers and friends. But after becoming a mother myself I've since realized that much of my spirit came out of the relationship with my mom, though rocky and often heart-breaking...and I wouldn't change a single thing.  
I now appreciate that every single moment of laughter and praise I can offer my son will dwell somewhere in his heart and each life lesson I let him learn will strengthen his character. 
{a rare photo of me & my mom}

A Few Things I Learned from My Mom:

1. Be nice to everyone. Really. 
2. Resourcefulness can get you a long way. 
3. A strong work ethic can be the best skill you have.
4. Don't complain. It doesn't really help. 
5. When down in the dumps, stop whining and make a plan. 
6. Give. 

Happy wishes to all the moms and women who enrich our lives. xo


Pili said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Really great lessons to learn from your mum for sure!

Me said...

I can think of one more thing that you may have learned (or inherited?:)from Darcy, a sense of humor that can keep us entertained for hours! "Hellloo kitty!". Happy Mother's Day to a beautiful and unique mother and daughter pair! Love you friend!!