Teacher Appreciation Gift Picks

Friday, May 20, 2011

A little gathering of lovelies- all perfect to show appreciation to our teachers. I taught for seven years before deciding to stay home and raise my son....I can truly say that just hearing the words, "thank -you" was all I needed. But, of course, a little something extra melted my heart as well! 

So, what do teachers love? Tokens of thoughtfulness and that little precious something they might never purchase themselves....such as these beauties:   

{left to right}
1. "Wonder" embroidery by Merriweather Council
2. Personalized Stationery from Le Papier Studio
3. Honey Cookies from Whimsy and Spice
4. Screen Printed Tea Towel from Sweet Harvey
5. Shea Butter Soap from Sweet Petula
6. Set of Wood Flowers from Uncommon

ps. let's not forget to include a little note or signature from our little student as well!


Pili said...

I can vouch for the Sweet Petula soaps, they're lovely!

And btw, some cute thank you cards would be great, here's the blog entry with the link for it!


Linda said...

I was a teacher as well and I can say "amen" to all of the above!

laura said...

I love thank yous attached to Starbucks gift cards. :) and all those items too. I love merriweathers hoops. Yum.