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Tutorial Tuesday - Celery Rose Stamps

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Guess how we made these lovely flowers? Go on, just guess. 
Want a hint? They are green and crunchy..... 
Any ideas? 
Ok, I'll just tell you. 


Really! The bottoms of celery stalks make awesome rose flower stamps. Jack and I whipped up a batch of wrapping paper, cards, and decorated plain paper gift bags.  They were really easy and the only thing limiting us was time! I think it's perfect for Mother's Day and we're using the paper to wrap up gifts for all the mums & grandmas.

You can tell he's seriously proud of his handiwork ;) 

All we needed was a bit of paint, celery stalks, and lots of paper.  
(lovely way to reuse paper, gift bags, and would even be awesome with fabric paint on textiles!) 

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Linda said...

I'd totally forgotten about doing this! I have stamped with all kinds of vegetables with kindergarteners.If you choose carefully, some apples make hearts, broccoli makes trees, bell peppers make a flower shape and a carrot makes the center,etc. Thanks for the reminder! This is a great idea for kids to do for Mother's Day.

SophieAnna said...

so beautiful and creative...we love it.

kisses from Sophie and Anna