Baby Quilt Happiness

Thursday, June 09, 2011

The quilt is complete....and even before baby arrives.  I used the Charm Squares Baby Quilt pattern from Oh, Frannson with Kona solid fabrics. The back is one of Denyse Schmidt's prints in butter yellow I just couldn't pass up.  First time working with solids & I love it! I think it's just perfect for the little lad or lass coming our way. 
 waiting for baby!
happiness + sunshine
{though the quilt is looking rather crinkly isn't it? washing wrinkles, boo}

I just love these colors together and mitred corners are one of my favorite techniques!

Gorgeous poms from the sweet Alysia at Prost to the Host


Pili said...

Now the baby can arrive since the quilt is ready and looking lovely!

And I love the lil sheep you have in the walls!

Allisa Jacobs said...

Thanks Pili! You're right- now that the quilt is actually complete, I feel like I'm really ready for baby to arrive :)

Linda said...

The room is lovely. I really like the quilt and the poms above the bed are the perfect touch. Of course, the little lambs are wonderful, too!!!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is all kinds of cute. Also, I like the crinkly look. I'm very excited for you. We're having all sorts of fun with 2 up here.

Denise said...

LOVE the quilt! :) Not much longer now ... can't wait for your little one to arrive!

Julie said...

great job Allisa! I'm still not finished Jenson's baby quilt and he's almost two (eep)

amy smart said...

What a sweet little room! It is so sunshiny and wonderful. I love the quilt too - crinkles and all!

Allisa Jacobs said...

Thank you so much for all the happy wishes & comments! xoxo