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Phone Case Design Process

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy as a lark with my new iphone.....but being the fabric/sewing junkie I am, the first thing I did before even learning how to use the silly thing was to design & make a little case for it! 
I'm sure there are gobs of tutorials and patterns out there for various cases, but I am absolutely not a pattern person. I seem to just muck them up and I really enjoy creating from total scratch. 
Anyhow, I love how the case turned out & I am almost more excited to open & close it than to use the phone itself!

I thought I'd share a bit of my process....I wish I would've taken more photos during the construction, but here's a little glimpse: 
I imagined what I hoped it would look like and made this initial rough sketch. 
 Drew upon similar techniques from this fold over clutch and my portfolio organizers
Chose fabric....knew I had to use the coral weave from Moda, it's been sitting on the shelf tempting me since I purchased it! Added a bit of linen and then settled on pinky orangy dots for the inside.

Opted for an elastic close for easy but secure keeping (I'm already on pins & needles I'll somehow damage this phone!) 
Added a little pocket in the back because I thought I just might need it for something. plus, I just love adding extra details! 

After a bit of readjusting and trimming and reinforcing the stitches, voila! a padded little phone case

{would love to hear about your design process...what steps do you take to make something new?}


Sandi E. said...

Love this! Great idea! I just might make one for my Iphone as well! :) So creative! :)


Live a Colorful Life said...

what a cute little case for your phone. You will LOVE it, BTW. I sit in front of my computer most of the day but wouldn't trade my iPhone for any other phone.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! You should totally make a few for the shop.
But no rush... ;) I have a similar way when it comes to designing and sewing. I've never followed an actual pattern, I just look at something, wing it and hope it turns out. For my dolls and toys, I draw a sketch and break down the shapes and pieces and go from there.

Happy Nesting!

Linda said...

very clever!!

KaydieBee said...

Love to see other people's design process - mine is very similar, except I probably make several prototypes - the first five of which fall apart - until I finally perfect the process.

jessica said...

so cute! thanks for sharing your design process!

http://www.mobs4u.co.uk said...

Bingo,great designs and mind is used here.Absolutely amazing and adorable!!