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Shops that Shine: Jaros Design

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{{Thrilled to share my new series, Shops that Shine, a weekly post featuring shops and sites that really stand out. In addition to offering amazing creations, these shops also show incredible business moxie building remarkable brands. As an extension of my ebook, Rise & Shine, I hope we can celebrate and find inspiration from these lovely shops.}} 

 My interview with the talented Analisa from Jaros Designs: 

I am really intrigued by what inspires makers. Can you share with us where you find inspiration?
I tend to find it in my supplies – I'm inspired by gemstones and metals, they way they work together, compliment each other.  I also love reading blogs, fashion blogs, cooking blogs, home décor – I get tons of color ideas from talented bloggers!

Describe the most difficult aspect to running a successful creative small business, and how you work to overcome it.
I think the most difficult part of running your own small business is reaching your audience.  There are so many talented people on Etsy, and online in general.  It takes so much technical studying and work to keep up with SEO, google searches, relevancy searches on Etsy.  I try to overcome it by not freaking out about it – whenever there's a website change, or change in technology I try to find out as much as I can and apply it in a way that works for me.  I try to not to fight change, because it's never going to go away, and hopefully it can improve your reach.

The jewelry category is quite expansive, yet your shop really stands out from all the rest. What do you think sets your shop apart ?
Thank you so much! I hope I do – but it took a long time.  I think photography has been key in standing out, I invested heavily in my equipment and took a long time learning how to take a good product shot (at least I hope so!).  That's what people are buying online, since they can't feel or hold your items, they're buying the photograph so it has to make them not only see your piece, but fall in love with it.

 How do you see your business growing in the future?

I hope to sell on my own site one day but I love the marketplace of Etsy, the exchange of ideas, surrounding myself with crafty, talented people.  I hope to have more wholesale orders to provide a foundation for my business that will fund bigger ideas. 

 Tell us what’s in store for your shop; any new products, shop changes, or celebrations?

Well I just opened a vintage shop, bellacasella, but I try not to let it take focus off my jewelry shop.  I have some embroidery, home décor products I'd love to finalize and make available, I just wish there were more hours in a day!

You’ve established a successful shop, can you offer one piece of golden advice for those just starting out?

It takes time and it's never easy.  I think for shops starting out you have to be ready to invest the time and patience it takes to nuture a product line and shop.  Be ready to not suceed right away, never be satisfied with your designs, photos, etc because we should always be trying to improve and move them forward.  Give your shop and products the opportunity to develop and embrace change.

Thank you so much Analisa for giving us a peek into your experience and sharing words of wisdom for others on their creative journey! 

You can also find Analisa here: 

Blog - http://jarosdesigns.blogspot.com/
Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/jarosdesigns/
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/JarosDesignsJewelry
Twitter - @jarosdesigns

1 comment :

Joy said...

Wonderful interview! I love this part " Give your shop and products the opportunity to develop and embrace change."

Thanks for sharing, Analisa, and for this series, Allisa!