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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

 So happy to have Noemi from Imeon Design here today for my Shops that Shine series. She shares a short & sweet look into her business and her lovely creations! 

Describe the most difficult aspect to running a successful creative small business for you, and how you work to overcome it.

The most difficult aspect of running a small business, especially an online one is trying to take photographs that show clear and accurate details of the product that's been made.  Even though there are many businesses big and small that have had online shops for years, trying to convince a prospect customer, who won't get a chance to see your items in person prior to purchasing is not easy.  

When I first opened my shop, my pictures were mediocre.  By playing around with various textured backgrounds, light boxes and lamps, I finally managed to figure out what worked best and that was natural lighting.  As natural lighting differs from season to season, I take note of what time of day produces the best photos and try to take photos only during that particular time of day.

What efforts do you take to make your shop shine?

One thing that remains constant in the products I create is that they are an expression of myself.  I put my heart into everything I make and will rarely list an item that I'm not 100% satisfied with.    

How do you see your business growing in the future?

Along with trying to get my items in local shops and craft fairs, I hope to grow my business by expanding my creativity into photography, sewing and more detailed and layered paper designs.

Tell us what's in store for your shop; any new products, shop changes or celebrations?
I will be celebrating my 3rd year as a small online shop at the end of March.  This is a great milestone for me, because it was not in my initial plans to come as far as I have or to still be doing this.  I had intended to go back to a 9-5 job once my kids entered school.  

You've established a successful shop, can you offer one piece of golden advice for those just starting out?

Be true to who you are and the rest will fall into place.

Thank you Noemi for sharing your wisdom and ideas with us. Best of luck for continued success!

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