Crafty Goodness

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Whew. Taking a break to share some crafty goodness I made this week...I honestly thought I'd have it all completed sooner to offer up some tutorials and inspiration...but, well, you know how it is :)  In fact, I'm still whipping up a few last-minute gifts! 

a mix of photos....
holiday wreath. pretty much the easiest project ever. 

cross stitch ornaments for the boys. every year I make new, handmade ornaments...this year I got to make two! 
a little hand embroidered love

matching chevron stockings with chain-stitched names. Proud of these beauties!

Winter star coasters (used the remaining bits from my wreath...clever, huh :) 
Catnip fishies for Boston Kitty
Work in progress: Banner for Luke. I made one for Jack....and since they share a room I think the two banners will be extra cute!

Tell me, what last-minute projects are you finishing up? {please tell me I'm not the only one stitching & making!}


The Hunter's Prize said...

I am still working on last minute gifts! I have to cut out and sew up a purse for one SIL and a box pouch for another. Only two days left!

I love the wreath, blue is a great Christmas color.

Jen @ The Itty Bitty Bag Company said...

Allisa, wonderful ideas!! I love cross-stitching too. Have a great holiday. I've been off this week not sewing but plenty busy!!

alamodestuff said...

Wonderful projects. They look wonderful. I've made new stockings and cookies in a jar (more to be made). This holiday is perfect for handmade.

Happy holidays!